Ionic Balanced Bracelets

20th Anniversary Style Classic Balance Bracelet (Two-Tone Premiere with Silver band and Gold coated terminal balls). It absorbs any static electricity that may cause pain and discomfort. Static energy is the result of imbalanced negative and positive ion cells in our body. Balanced bracelet helps the body return to its normal ionic balance through electron-polarization process. A fashionable and beneficial gift for Mom and Dad and for someone you love especially this coming Christmas. Golfers, tennis players, athletes, active people wear balanced bracelets. The Balance Bracelet is a total innocuous product and its use can be recommended for all types of people. A jewel for your well-being. For optimal benefits, do not let the terminals (balls on either end of the bracelet) touch each other or any metal surface. To make the bracelet smaller, remove it from your arm, squeeze the band inward and slide the terminals past one another. Hold one terminal with each thumb and fore finger and bend the terminals past each other - first to one side and then the other or place a calling card between the terminals before squeezing. You cannot damage the bracelet by stretching or squeezing the band for optimal fit. The terminals can be "almost touching" or up to one and one quarter inches apart. Angled fit is fine. To see an enlarge picture of the product you want to order, please click on the thumbnail image or the description